Setting up analytics and increasing website traffic

After designing the website and writing content in my blog, I made additional changes again to it with the objective of increasing website traffic and monitoring metrics. This is not a comprehensive post about these topics but instead, a collection of what I was able to read about them to help my blog gain visibility. Here's a list of the changes I made:

  1. Using keywords in my images (Source: SLR Lounge). I've written a lot of content in my blog but I haven't really taken into consideration replacing the text in the images I upload. The recent posts I've published here in Squarespace have this implemented already. This makes sense as images are also searched a lot on the web. Having a good image name will help in increasing traffic to my website.
  2. Updated my permalinks (Source: SLR Lounge and Dashburst). A permalink is a URL that points to a specific web page. This tip was actually new to me since I haven't updated this before in Blogger. For Squarespace, there's a section in the Settings where you can update this information. My first two posts after migrating to Squarespace used the default setting (year-month-day-title) but I've changed it in my third post to show only the title.
  3. Setting up URL redirects (Source: Squarespace). In relation to the second point, I need to setup the URL redirects for the two posts where I changed the URL. This will prevent the links I have shared to break.
  4. Submission of XML Sitemap and setting up Analytics. Google has available services for these. I've submitted my sitemap to Webmaster and metrics monitoring have been setup in Analytics. I'm still learning and studying the values that will be generated from these services. There are also a lot of topics about them available online.

Still, website traffic will be consistent if regular content is published on my blog. I hope the changes I made helps in making my posts more visible online.