My Apple Products

I currently own three Apple products. I have been a great fan of Apple because of their great design. I admire the very minimalist approach they have for their products. Apple always make it a point to consider ease of use for their customers. My admiration for Apple and its products started when I got my 2nd generation iPod Touch in 2009.

iPod Touch

I bought the iPod Touch because of my passion for music. I've been a music lover ever since my younger days. Before 2009 there were a lot of choices for an mp3 player. There were also a lot of choices for Apple iPods. Before the idea of getting an iPod, I considered getting a Creative mp3 player. What I liked with the Creative mp3 player was I can just copy and paste music in it without using a third party software for syncing files. I don't have a PC yet and I'm too afraid installing softwares and tweaking a device to work on it. An Apple iPod is not a choice yet because I have to install iTunes to transfer my songs in it. It's just a hassle doing it when I can just transfer songs in windows folders. Another thing I considered too was that Creative has a built-in radio. Aside from listening to my mp3's, I also listen to FM stations here in the Philippines. An FM radio is not available to any iPod device back then (except for last year – 2010 – when it became available in the 6th generation iPod nano).

All of my doubts changed when I saw the iPod Touch. This is really an awesome device. Now why did I chose the iPod Touch from the other iPods? Or from Creative? Well, the iPod shuffle and nano do not have enough storage for my mp3's. The iPod classic has a lot of storage but it does not have a touch interface. It doesn't have these cool icons and applications in the iPod Touch. So with these, Creative is also out of my list. I can manage without the FM radio capability. A 16 GB storage for an mp3 device is good for me. I just thought I can change my mp3's when I get bored to some of them. Besides, 16 GB worth of mp3's alone is a lot of songs. I won't be able to listen to all of them. I may not have the FM radio capability but it was replaced by wifi capability. Wifi is almost becoming a staple in some places in the metropolis and it's a very welcome replacement for the FM stations. Now you may ask why didn't I chose the iPhone. I think the iPhone 3G was available then when I bought my iPod Touch. Well, the answer is simple. I just want to have a dedicated mp3 player plus all of the other applications minus the phone. I don't want to display an iPhone in the streets here. I also had a sorry experience with a Sony Walkman phone and I don't want it to happen again. So, the iPod Touch is really a practical choice for me.

Macbook Pro (MBP)

After a year, I felt the need of having a laptop. We have a desktop PC at home but I want a personal computing experience different from Windows. After Windows, I'm more familiar with OS X. Whenever I get a chance to go to a mall, I always look for a Mac store to “play” on a Mac. Getting a Mac is a tough decision since it's expensive. I thought first of the things that I'll be doing with it. Since I have an iPod Touch already, I can readily personalize my playlists in iTunes. I'm also getting interested to photography so simple photo editing in iPhoto will be great. I also thought of movie projects I can do with iMovie. Aside from these iLife applications, Keynote in iWork is a very cool application for preparing presentations. With all of these, I now have the reasons for purchasing a Mac.

So last year, I bought my very first laptop in a 13-in Macbook Pro. I chose the Macbook Pro over the Macbook thru consultations and intensive reading of user reviews and forums. The Philippine Macintosh Users Group (PhilMUG) provided great insights resolving my dilemma in choosing between the two Macs. One main reason that swayed me to choose the Macbook Pro over Macbook is its body. The Macbook's plastic unibody tends to turn yellowish and discolor thru time. If you're also not that careful with your Macbook, you'll end up scratching it's body. I don't want to end up putting protective gear on my Mac. I want it to be bare as it is – to be able to display its beauty and minimalist design. The Macbook Pro on the other hand is made up of aluminum. It's sturdier compared to plastic. Aside from the body, the Macbook Pro has backlit keyboard and 4GB of RAM (only 2GB for the Macbook). You may want to check on the Apple site for additional differences between the two. This year also shows a big difference in terms of technical specs between the two. The Macbook Pro just refreshed it's lineup with Intel Core series processor (e.g. core i3, i5 and i7) while the Macbook is still in Core2Duo. My investment for the Macbook Pro is absolutely a great choice. It's true that once you go Mac, there's no turning back.

iPod Nano

Now, of all the Apple products I've mentioned here, this is a bonus. I got a 6th generation iPod nano by attending the Christmas Party of PhilMUG. It was my first time to attend since I just became member of the forum last year. After the end of the event, I won three prizes in the raffle. Two minor prizes and one major prize which is the iPod Nano. As I've mentioned in my entry for the iPod Touch, this latest model of the Nano has a built-in FM radio which is not present in the Touch. I just use the Nano when I bring lesser stuff to work and I want to listen to the radio. I might just give this to my sister and brother when I leave for the US this year. 

Up to now, even though I'm really tempted, I don't see myself upgrading any of my Apple devices. I still find worth to my 2nd generation iPod Touch. The 4th generation iPod Touch released last year just included cameras for capturing photos and Face Time. Sure there may be other purposes for the camera but I just thought of buying a dedicated camera if I want to capture shots. I just bought a Canon S95 recently and the camera in the latest model of the Touch captures less than 1 megapixel of pictures. I also don't feel the urge to upgrade to the latest 13-in Macbook Pro with core i3 since I can still do my tasks with the 2010 model of the MBP. I want to maximize my current Apple devices up to the point when they're not functioning already. If I would buy an Apple device, I might go for the ff:

a. an iPhone 5 – I just love the design of the iPhone 4 and the next iterations may be of the same kind. I also don't have a good phone right now.

b. an iPad 3 – for ebook reading, portability over the MBP and a larger screen than the iPod Touch. iPad 3 may also showcase a design revolution for the iPad.

c. an iMac – to have a desktop Mac aside from a laptop.

Of course I won't buy all of them at the same time. I'll just choose one which is of greater purpose.