Deja vu... from Blogger to Squarespace

Deja vu.

That is probably the right term to describe what I'm about to write.

It's been a while since I wrote something on my blog.

That was the first statement I wrote on my post when I resumed writing back in June of 2015. I thought I had the momentum when I published 5 articles just for that month but I stopped writing again. There are topics in mind but I really did not sit down and put those thoughts into writing. I updated the layout of my blog to get inspiration but I got dissatisfied as I progress. I did not find the right platform to work on and I felt that what I'm currently using is getting outdated.

My blog started in Blogger back in 2011. Blogger is a Google service and its an obvious choice for me so that I can integrate with the other services offered by the company. It also offers AdSense which will be my way to at least monetize the blog. At least the basics of blogging are provided in Blogger from the templates to placing widgets. But as years passed, I felt a need to improve the look and feel of possible visitors to my blog. Even though Blogger added Dynamic Views in its portfolio, I'm still not satisfied.

I experimented with changing the HTML of my blog. I used Sora Templates which is a collection of free Blogger templates. It was a great learning experience customizing my blog. I spent a lot of time choosing on the templates available. It's not easy to implement though as one misstep will ruin the site. I also came into issues when the template lost its support from its creator. When it happened, my blog was disorganized for a couple of days. Good thing, I was able to reach them and have the template I'm using updated. I used Sora Templates for a couple of years in my blog. Now I think its time to move again to my next venture.

Enter Squarespace

I've heard Squarespace a lot as a sponsor to Cultcast. Cultcast is a weekly podcast from Cult of Mac which is a tech blog discussing all things about Apple. It was just over the weekend that I visited Squarespace's site and I totally liked what I saw. As I browsed their site, I can already imagine what my blog could possibly look like. I researched a couple of more feedback about the platform. It's a premium service and I just want to ensure that I'll be able to maximize what I'll be subscribing to. These are the factors that made me consider paying for Squarespace.

  1. Blogger migration. I researched a lot about this topic since I want my posts to be transferred and not to start from scratch. I want to retain all the posts I've written on my blog since 2011. In addition, I can also reuse the domain I so much loved. All of these information are available on their very helpful and easy to follow Support page.
  2. Lots of templates. Unlike Sora Templates, Squarespace doesn't require me to go deep into CSS and HTML just to implement some of the customization I want. 
  3. Compatibility with Google AdSense and other money making ads. As much as possible, I'd like to maintain the minimalist look of my blog but I also need to be practical in monetizing my site. This will help offset the premium service I need to pay for the platform. 
  4. Lots of formatting. Some of my posts require multiple pictures and Blogger doesn't offer a way to easily consolidate these images into stacks or slideshows. Squarespace has an easy way to do this.
  5. 24/7 Support. I've read a lot of good feedback about this but I'm still good with the Support articles they offer on the site, very informative and the instructions are easy to follow.

Within two days, I'm completely sold out and decided to migrate. This is going to be my first post in this platform. I hope to stay longer and write more stuffs in my blog. If you like what you read or have questions, feel free to give me a comment below.