Getting the Apple Watch Series 3

My Apple Watch just turned 7 days old today. I got this last Monday after having a hard time on what kind of smartwatch to buy. I've been a Fitbit user starting with the One then followed by the Surge which was given to me by my uncle. I've been longing for an upgrade and I thought it would be a good time to do it this year while I'm doing running and cycling. 


Initially, I thought of getting the Garmin Forerunner 935 but it's price held me back. Another thing that made me think again is its fit on my wrist. I was in Singapore and got a very good discount for it but when I wore it on my wrist, it's very big. I am thin and it seems awkward for me wearing a big watch everyday. So I backed off with my purchase and got back to scratch. During that time, Garmin also announced their new release the Vivoactive 3 and Apple has an upcoming Keynote. I thought of patiently waiting instead of doing an impulse buy which I might regret in the end.

When both the Vivoactive 3 and Apple Watch Series 3 came out I watched a lot of their reviews in YouTube. I'm still planning to get the Vivoactive because Garmin is known to have great battery life than the Apple Watch but this has gradually changed as I also thought of practical stuffs. Aside from battery, the price and the ecosystem became factors in my decision. For the price, I was very fortunate to have a big discount on the Apple Watch purchase. The price I got was below the suggested retail price so I grabbed away on this opportunity to buy it. The Vivoactive on the other hand was still scarce and I haven't seen yet where to get one except the US. Next in the consideration was the ecosystem. I have been an Apple user since 2010 and browsing on the Watch app on my iPhone 6 made me more interested further to the Apple Watch. Yes, Garmin has its own store for its applications but it's way less than that of the Apple's AppStore. The battery will definitely be a compromise but I thought I still have my iPhone with me when I run or bike so it's just fine.

After getting and using the Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm) I finally thought that I made the right purchase. Setting it up was not that difficult, it looks good on my wrist (felt it smaller than the Surge) and battery life was not that bad. I've been used to charging my Fitbit Surge every 2 days so it felt just normal for me on the Apple Watch. I've been using it the past days for my running training and I've also been wearing it most of the time for better tracking of my Health metrics. I totally love my Apple Watch.