The Healthier Me (Get Fit, Stay Fit)


I must say, 2017 is my most active year in terms of doing physical activities. I used to go to the gym in the past but it hasn't been as regular and well rounded this year. Aside from lifting weights, I now do running and cycling. I joined my first 5K run  back in May. It was such a great moment after weeks of training. I just had my third 5K last August. My legs are much better now being able to run longer distances that are prescribed in the Nike running app. I am gradually increasing my mileage going 6K to 8K. Also in May, I bought my very own bike. To be honest, I really don't know how to bike. I've ridden the BMX of my brother and never had the balance until back in April. I was learning the basics of swimming then and I realize that I'm getting it quickly. With the urge to learn, I rode the bike again and started improving my balance. After a couple of days, I am now riding around our village. It was such a wonderful experience and did not realize that at my age I'll still learn to ride this. The mountain bike I bought is approaching its fourth month and I haven't missed a week not riding it unless its raining. I just reached my 40K plateau and had signed up to two cycling events in November. I'm also looking forward to joining a cycling competition, short term goal being a Duathlon (run and bike combination). Will swimming come next? I do hope so but comparing it to running and cycling, I think I have a long way to go for it. It's a challenging sport and I need to improve on synchronizing my movement in the water and breathing. But so far, I'm very proud of what I have accomplished this year. 

Muhammad Ali and Apple's Think Different Campaign

UPDATE: MacRumors has posted an article mentioning that Apple has posted an image of Muhammad Ali in its Home page. The image is the same as the one I have posted below.

While the sports world is mourning the death of Muhammad Ali today, something crossed my mind and realized that The Greatest had been part of Apple's Think Different campaign in the 90's. Here's an image I was able to grab online for his pose. RIP Muhammad Ali, you had been a great inspiration to the generation of boxers and to the people who always thought differently.

Muhammad Ali Think Different