Is Feedly over capacity?

Have you experienced this?

This week, I cannot access my RSS articles in Feedly. I have the application in both my iPhone and iPad mini. I just ignored it thinking its just natural given the end of Google Reader last July 1. A lot of users may have migrated to Feedly which caused this. Feedly is a great alternative to Google Reader having a web client, mobile applications and API support for other third party applications. But when I tried again today, I thought it unusual not being able to use the application for a week. I still get the same error message on the application (feedly is over capacity!). When I searched the specific message online, I came across the blog post from Feedly about the matter. It seems the issue is not about capacity but a bug when Google Reader ended this week. According to the post,

This is not a capacity issue but a bug!  During the login, it tries to connect to Google Reader to help you migrate your feeds. Unfortunately, Google changed last night and is returning HTML instead of JSON and the feedly mobile client 16.0.522/530 has trouble digesting that, showing a error card instead[1]

There are interesting points as well in the post (1) You won't experience the bug if you are logged in to the application, just ensure that you don't logout of Feedly and (2) Third party applications are not impacted by this which is the reason why I can still use Newsify. A software update has been released already in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. iOS users (including me) will still have to wait though as it may take some time for Apple to review the update.

Check out more about this bug on Feedly's official blog here.

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